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Sailor Jerry Festival 2020

Sat, Jun 13 @ 8:15 pm / 9:00 pm HST

We’re all living through some crazy times right now… so crazy that we can’t even play live music in front of a live audience!  We’ll take the next best thing and play a live concert and stream it out to you, worldwide in support of the Sailor Jerry Festival 2020!!!  See you this weekend 😉

Sailor Jerry Festival 2020
Saturday – June 13
8:15 – 9:00 pm

Livestream Link: YouTube.com/808shows

The Sailor Jerry Festival intends to be an Annual Event celebrating the life, interests, and incredible talents of Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins… or Norman Keith Collins, NKC, Old Ironsides, etc.

Collins operated a tattoo shop located in Chinatown, on Oahu’s south shore. He was the first western tattoo artist to utilize the smooth style and vibrant colors seen in Asian art. Collins also expanded the array of colors available in tattoo art by developing his own pigments. He created needle formations that embedded pigment with much less trauma to the skin and was one of the first artists to utilize single-use needles and to use an autoclave for sterilization. Sailor Jerry’s last studio was at 1033 Smith Street, then the only place on the island where tattoo studios were located. His tattoos changed the way the art was applied, and improved safety standards in the industry while also inspiring all to come after him. His work has been displayed in countless art books, and also at museums including the Honolulu Museum of Art. An award winning documentary was made about his story titled “Hori Smoku”. Collins passed away in 1973 and until now, the Chinatown neighborhood has done little to celebrate his life and impact on the art world. We hope to bring more attention to this man and his influence. Many are surprised to learn more about him once they start to research his legacy and we’d like to help more people do so. Not necessarily a saint (he lived in a different time after all) his influence and innovations are undeniable.

This festival aims to respectfully honor his life, career, and global influence… right where the legendary man spent so much of his time… Oahu’s Chinatown District.

Conceived in 2013, it formally launched on June 12th, 2015 and will take place again each year in mid-June. It features live music, local artists, and many of the things associated with tattoo culture… past and present. It was even responsible for re-connecting some members of his family tree.

Remember now, these are some of his former stomping grounds. Respect that. Respect him. Let’s celebrate what he did here.

Endorsed by the Collins family and quality tattooers worldwide.

Mahalo for your interest and support.

“Dad would never have believed how much people love and respect his art… then again, he knew how good he was… he just didn’t know that other people knew…” M.Collins (2015)


Sat, Jun 13
8:15 pm / 9:00 pm HST


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